Why You must Date a Lawyer

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A Date With Lawyer

Why You must Date a Lawyer

Lawyers play an important part in this society and always have an air of confidence about them which is very attractive. Their impressive personality instantly stands out with your parents, and their knowledgeable advice weighs heavy when you are trying to prove a point. These brainy lawyers who can keep you up to date with the world can also be extremely romantic.

Why You must Date a Lawyer

1. They Dress to Impress:

Most of them have a great fashion sense and are fantastic dressers. They will wear clothes that fit them perfectly and set off their overall charm and personality. They are perfect dates if you want to show off a bit to your friends and family and have a partner who is both brainy and sexy. With those book perfect & presentation skills, they are sure to charm away all your near and dear ones.

2. A Conflict is not a Conflict for Long:

They are excellent at solving complex issues. Whatever the conflict maybe, they will come up with an excellent solution. You can fight with a lawyer and be angry for long, for their solutions, presented with such beauty and charm is sure to make you melt and say, “okay babe, let’s give it one more shot”. You won’t even have to go to bed angry or sad, and isn’t that a top rule of any successful relationship!

3. Birthday? Anniversary? They will Remember them All:

The age old fight when one partner forgets the birthday of the other, or the birthday of your partner’s best friend. Lawyers are generally good with memory related stuff. They remember things well and nicely, how else do you think they will quote them in court or talk about all those various Sections and Acts. Even if they are not good at remembering stuff, they are good at taking notes and procuring them at the right time.

4. Always up for a Debate:

Debates can be very insightful. They keep you on your toes, help you exchange opinions back and forth and give you a truck full of different perspectives and knowledge. With a lawyer as your partner, you can debate back and forth and enhance your thinking, debating, eloquence and expressions all at once.

5. You Never have to Stand Alone:

They will always take your side, whether you are right or wrong and defend you with such charm and ferocity then you will never feel alone. They will turn to you & tell you that you were wrong when you two are alone, but in front of the world, you are theirs to defend and they won’t let you down.

Dating a lawyer can be interesting and fun. If you are not dating one already then you should find one such partner.

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