Why Boyfriend and Boy- Friend are Different for Girls?

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Why Boyfriend and Boy- Friend are Different for Girls

Why Boyfriend and Boy- Friend are Different for Girls?

Dating world and real world both are totally different especially for a girl. In real world she at least has that one friend who is actually more dear to her than her boyfriend but why so? What are the reasons behind this irony?  Girls maintain a little space between the two and we call it “Friend zone”!

Strange but true a guy best friend is much loved by your girlfriend than you and there are some obvious explanations for this adoration. So let’s look at these ground points from free dating apps to clear your doubt on the topic that why Boyfriend and Boy-Friend are different for girls??

1. He is in It for a Long Haul:

Yeah your “BFF” proves this last F stands for “forever” right unlike your boyfriend. There are possibilities where your boyfriend may leave you in half way but your best friend will always be there to hold you and support you whenever you feel low.

2. He is Honest When You ask Him about Your Looking:

Trust me no one other than your best friend engrosses those guts to clearly comment on your attire and looks. Your boyfriend surely will not tell whether you are looking perfect or like a pancake. So it’s better to shop with your best friend rather than your darling boyfriend if you seriously want a genuine opinion.

3. He can Walk into Your Home Anytime:

Yes your best friend has this liability to enter into your home without any prior notification as even your parents are also very familiar with him. On the other hand there is too much formality when your boyfriend comes to your home. So you find yourself at ease without any formalities with your best friend.

4. You can Order Whatever You Want at Dinner :

Well another plus point of having a guy male friend in your life while having a boyfriend already is that you do not need to care about much sophistication when you are out for a meal. You are actually “YOU” when you are eating with your best friend while on the contrary you act totally different and try to fit in a personality that is not you in front of your boyfriend.

5. No Need of that World’s Dumbest Texting Conversation:

“Hey, How are you? Hey, what’s up? “These all are a few example of all that bullshit texting conversation that we actually have in a relationship. Undoubtedly we all definitely had this kind of dumbest conversation with our loved ones.  But with our best friend this stupid conversation never takes place. Texting with our best friend is only limited to inside jokes and instant plans.

 6. You don’t have to Worry about Annoying Him:

If your boyfriend doesn’t respond to your single text you immediately get worried and call him more than 50 times and present yourself like an idiot in front of him that left him with no choice other than dumping you.  But with your best friend as I mentioned earlier there is no need of all these worldly dramas. A single sorry will melt your best friend’s heart if he is annoyed with you.

I guess this discussion will go on if we are comparing the Friendship with Love so it is better to give it a break. And browse dating matchmaking sites for more facts on the topic.

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