What to Write in Your First Message

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What to Write in Your First Message

What to Write in Your First Message

If you’re looking to meet up with someone, the best way to start is by sending a message in online matchmaking sites. However, it’s probably an area that most people are unsure about – after all it’s tricky to strike up conversation with someone new as not everyone is as is comfortable with staring a conversation with strangers and meeting new people.

Writing messages is most essential part of online dating as that’s how you get to know people and importantly, how you get to arrange meetings with them. Messages are the beginning of any conversation. And if the first step is right then the journey is going to be great. A simple two line message can mean a lot. The best part of online dating or matchmaking are messages. They are the blueprints that define your relationship for future.

However, it’s also one of the most intimidating parts of finding love online, second only to getting started in the first place. So here are some tips put together to make your first message easier, prettier and impressive.

Keep your message short:

Let your first message be shorter and sweeter. Just like a text message so that the recipient is not overwhelmed. Don’t go on writing an essay in your first message itself.

Don’t bombard someone with messages:

If someone is not replying to your messages straight away, don’t start sending a lot of reminder or follow up messages, be patient. You might feel that they need a bit of a reminder, but they get the notification about your message when they log in to their account. Messaging somebody continuously can appear to be intimidating.

Keep your message clean:

Be careful with the words you use in the conversation. You don’t want to convey something which you do not mean. A sentence can be understood or interpreted in many ways, and you cannot explain yourselves through messages. So, it’s better to be cautious with your words.

Avoid sending media files like images, videos or voice mails:

Images or voice mails sometimes look creepy if the recipient is not ready for such kind of interaction. And also these media files can leave a proof if in case it did not work out. So, avoid using media unless and until you are fully comfortable with that person and trust them.

Sending someone a message and start the conversation is the first most important thing that you can do on a dating website. It shows an individual, that you are interested in them and it is the first step in having a first date. To be in a dating website without sending messages is meaningless and it is like having a smart phone and never turning it on. So, don’t be afraid to make that first move. Do not wait for something to happen, try and make it happen. Find that special person and make your move. Start that beautiful journey, and find the love of your life.

Happy messaging.

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