What can You do for Your Long Distance Relationship

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What can You do for Your Long Distance Relationship

What can You do for Your Long Distance Relationship

A great soul has once quoted that The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you”. But is that really the scariest thing? The scariest thing would be knowing that they are missing you in the same aching desperation as you are missing them and yet you are helpless. The scariest thing would be knowing that they are in a terrible pain and still there is nothing you can do about it except for the sms that says “I am there”.

That’s the thing about love, they affect you even when they are absent. And that is scary, letting someone have that kind of power over you that they consume you completely. And at the same time it’s soothing in its own way.

That is how you know it is real; by feeling the pleasure and the pain together. By knowing that the love is giving you the wings to fly and roots to stay firm at the same time. By being your toughest ever and weakest ever for the same person. And that is when you know that it is worth fighting for that person, no matter what the fight is or with whom the fight is. You just know that you will battle the world for them if it comes to that. That is my friend, is real. And if your love is real enough then you will save it regardless of the distance that you have.

Tips for for Your Long Distance Relationship

  1. The first and the most important thing is to know that what you have is worth saving. Know your relationship, like it is quoted above make sure that you want to fight for it.
  2. Commitment and trust is the key in long distance relationships. It is easier to love the person than trusting them, but have the faith. If you know them in and out then you don’t have to fear.
  3. Keeping in touch, knowing what is happening in each other’s day-to-day activities even if your timeline doesn’t match. Make it work, find time to talk about what is happening in your lives every day. And listen when they are letting their heart out.
  4. Show your love with smallest gestures. Do a romantic thing, send a silly ‘Miss you’ texts or watch the same movie at the same time or have a skype dinner date. Do anything that recreates the magic between you, do things together.
  5. Surprise them. Send a random gift or visit them without any occasion and do all of your favorite activities.
  6. Fight. There is no perfect relationship, you grow your relationship everyday towards perfection. Talk about irrational fears, insecurities or anything that upsets you. Keeping things inside will only damage the relationship in the long run.
  7. Be positive. Yes, missing them hurts and makes you weaker. But don’t let that negativity destroy you. When you know that they are yours, you will not let anything sabotage what you have.
  8. Have practical expectations. It is always true that when there are unresolved expectations, there are disappointments. So, make sure you expect from your partner things that actually can happen.

Make your long distance relationship beautiful. No, distance doesn’t spoil the relationship. If anything, distance forms the relationship.

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