Top Tips to Save Yourself form Corona virus

Covid Health and Fitness Tips & Tricks
Top Tips to Save Yourself form Covid-19

Top Tips to Save Yourself form Corona virus

What Is Corona virus?

During the end of 2019, a disease started spreading in the Wuhan Province of China after which on December 31, 2019, the concerned authorities alerted the World Health Organization about an outbreak of a novel virus that was causing severe illness, and it was named SARS-CoV-2, which we now call Corona virus.

Coronaviruses belong to a large virus family, which tends to cause diseases and infect animals or human beings. In human beings, different kinds of coronaviruses cause respiratory infections that can range from a common cold to severe conditions such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).Corona virus is the name of the infectious disease caused by the recently discovered coronavirus. This virus and the disease it causes were unknown before the outbreak that began in Wuhan Province of China in December 2019.

According to the latest updated report of March 28, 2020, there are approximately 512,701 Corona virus confirmed worldwide, which ranges over 202 countries. This virus has killed over 23,495 people. The disease spreads mainly through contact with a person who has been infected by this virus.
When they cough or sneeze, any person within the proximity of 1m is likely to be infected by this virus. It may also spread if a person touches a surface or an object that has the virus present on its surface, and after touching the object, they touch their face or nose. People tend to be generally sick when infected by the virus for 1 to 14 days before the situation tends to escalate as they start developing symptoms of the disease. Fever, difficulty to breathe, fatigue, vomiting, and dry cough are the most common symptoms of this disease (Corona virus). About 80% recover from the disease without requiring any special treatment. The virus spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or nose discharge when a person infected with the disease sneezes or coughs, therefore it’s highly recommended that we start practicing respiratory etiquette. In rare conditions, the disease can be severe and even fatal. Older people, and the people who are suffering from other medical conditions (like diabetes, asthma, heart disease), tend to be vulnerable to this disease and might fall severely ill.

People May Experience:

  • Dry cough
  • High fever
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing (extreme cases)

Most of the people that are infected with this Corona virus tend to experience mild to medium breathing problems and recover without any special treatment. Aged people, and particularly those with underlying medical problems like heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer, are prone to become severely ill if infected by this virus. As of now, no specific vaccines or treatments exist for COVID-19. However, several ongoing clinical trials are being conducted to evaluate potential treatments.
Presently, the source of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus (CoV)that is causing Corona virus, is not known. The evidence available suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a natural animal origin and is not a virus that has been constructed. This virus probably has its ecological roots in bats. It belongs to a group that is genetically related to viruses, which include SARS-CoV and other numbers of CoVs that have been isolated from populations of bats. MERS-CoV is also known to belong to this group but isn’t closely related to this virus.
It is estimated that it takes from 1-14 days after exposure to start showing the first symptoms of the disease, five days on average.

Tips to Protect Ourselves from Corona virus(as suggested by WHO)

  1. We should repeatedly and thoroughly cleanse our hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or wash them with soap and water. The alcohol present in the sanitizer and the solution of the soap kills any virus that may be present in our hands.
  2. We should maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) between yourself and anyone who coughs or sneezes, someone who may be infected with the Corona viruss.
  3. Small liquid droplets are sprayed whenever someone coughs or sneezes that may contain the coronavirus, and we might breathe in that virus if we are too close. Also, someone coughing can unknowingly transmit the virus to various people or objects in 1 m proximity.
  4. We must Avoid touching our eyes, nose, and mouth at all costs and be very careful and observant about it.
  5. Our Hands touch different surfaces, objects and might pick up viruses.

If our hands are contaminated, it can transfer the virus to our eyes, mouth, or nose. Then, the virus is easily transmitted to our body and can make us sick.

  1. We must make sure that we, and all the people around us, follow good respiratory hygiene. We must cover our mouth and nose with our elbow bent or tissues, handkerchief when we cough or sneeze and dispose of the used tissue immediately.
  2. As mentioned above, the droplets spread the virus. If we follow good respiratory hygiene, we can protect everyone around us not only from Corona virus but from viruses such as common cold, flu.
  3. If we start feeling unwell, we must make sure to stay at home and follow strict procedures. If we have a fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, we should immediately seek medical attention. We must make sure to follow the directions of our local health authority because National and local authorities will have the most up to date information about the ongoing situation in our area.
  4. If we call in advance, it will ensure our health care provider can guide us to the right health facility quickly. This, in turn, helps us protect yourself and also helps in preventing the spread of all kinds of viruses and other infections.

Protection Measures for People 

The following are a few tips for people who are in or have recently visited (in the past 14 days) those areas where Corona virus is spreading.

  1. The basic procedure applies as in Regularly washing or hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or a hand wash.
  2. We should self-isolate ourselves by staying at home if we begin to feel unwell if symptoms like headache or fever (37.3 C or above) until we recover. If we need to go outside for essential activities, we must ensure that we wear masks at all times and maintain a distance of 1m.
  3. We must make sure to Avoid contact with others and try not to visit any medical centers unless necessary as it will allow the facilities to operate efficiently and help protect us and others from possible Corona virus and other viruses.
  4. If in case we develop fever, dry cough, or difficulty in breathing, we should immediately seek medical advice as this may be due to a respiratory infection or any other serious condition.
  5. If we are traveling from Corona virus affected countries or areas to any other city, we must ensure to report to the nearest medical facility, police or media to make sure that we have not been infected with the virus. This will prevent the chance of transmitting it to other people we may come in contact with.


The last epidemic was in the period between 1918-1920 during d World War 1, which was also known as Spanish flu, which resulted in the death of many lives. The picture of the 2019-20 Corona virus is also the same.
The difference between the two is at that time the population and pollution were less, and now it’s large. And to be positive, we should know that at that particular time invention and discovery was less and people were more superstitious. Now with the help of science and the invention of many technologies, we can hope to get rid of this epidemic very soon.

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