Tips to Make the Long Distances Short in Covid Situation

Covid Relationship
Tips to Make the Long Distances Short in Covid Situation

Tips to Make the Long Distances Short in Covid Situation

Long Distance Relationships can be tough, no doubt, but they are also beautiful and a testimony of how strong your and your partner’s bond actually is. The distance can affect intimacy, may even make things complicated and leave you sad sometimes, when you would not have the comfort of your partner’s arms around you when you need them the most. If you are in a long distance relationship, and love your partner so much, but do not know how to make it work then here are a few tips for you.

Tips to Make the Long Distances Short in Covid Situation

1. Try to Communicate Regularly

When you close your eyes at night, whose is the last face you think about? Or early in the morning when you wake up and lay in bed for a moment who is the first person who crosses your mind? If it is your partner, then let them know about it. A sweet, good morning text and a loving, good night text is not that hard to type. Is it? Try to stay in touch through the day. Not so much that you stick with your phone 24*7, but a text or a call now and then to tell your partner you miss them or what you are doing.

2. Be Honest, Brutally Honest with Your Partner

Long distance makes people a little insecure. So, be honest with your partner at all times if you want to strengthen and nurture your relationship. Even one small lie can shake the trust of your partner, for they are separated by miles from you, and they can not know what is really going on in your life. One lie or hidden truth can make them question whether everything they hear is true or not, even if they love you and want to trust you. Be honest and let your partner know about your whereabouts. If you are going out for a drink with your friends, call your partner and tell them.

3. Try and Get Involved in Similar Activities Together

Take a long walk together, while having a video chat. Or watch a show or video together at the same time. Or go to movies with your friends at the same time with your partner. These things will make you feel closer and improve your bond. You can also shop online together and buy gifts for each other.
Try and visit as often as possible: It will give you something to look forward to and wait for. Seeing your partner in real life and actually feeling them, taking in their scent can be intoxicating. So try and visit each other as often as you both can.

4. Open up to Each Other

It is easy to try and find gratification somewhere else, flirt with other people of the opposite sex or not be totally honest about day to day life. It cannot be stressed enough that honesty is the key to a happy, long lasting, fulfilling long distance relationship and nothing can replace it. Talk to your partner about your worries, the things that stress you, activities at work. Make them feel like they are a part of your daily life, even if they are not psychically there.

Go ahead and make your long distance relationship shine.

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