These Romantic Celebrity Couples will make you Trust True Love

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These Romantic Celebrity Couples will make you Trust True Love

These Romantic Celebrity Couples will make you Trust True Love

Oh, love is so beautiful. That feeling you get when he cannot get enough of your face and keeps staring at you every chance he gets or when the lady of your life leans against your strong shoulder and smile at you with that un-mistaken twinkle in her eyes. The feeling of being in love cannot be described in mere words.

Here is a list of a few Celebrity Couples who Simply Ooze Love for Each Other:

1: Prince William and Kate Middleton

 The whole world went awww when Prince William turned to his lady love, during their wedding and told her she looked beautiful. There could not have been anything sweeter than this and even after two children, these two continue to be as much in love as two love struck teenagers.

2. Benedict Cumerbatch and Sophia Hunter

 They are two good looking people, completely smitten with each other. The graceful Sophia with her innocent eyes and beautiful smile radiates with love. The sweet, loving moments that they share every chance they get and the way Benedict protectively holds her hand through all the events makes people want to fall in love.

3. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

 They have been best friends and a couple for a long time now, yet their romance is as fresh as ever. The way he looks her every opportunity he gets is beyond perfect. His love songs, which he crooned for his beautiful wife, made every girl want a husband like him. While the beauty and the devotion of Jessica made every man crave for a woman like her.

4. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

 Being the president of the vast USA can be hard, but Barack and Michelle Obama sure know how to keep their romance alive. From touching each other affectionately, to acknowledging the important role of their partner in each other’s life, they do it all. Even though they have been married for years now and have two grown up girls together, their love is still fresh and heartwarming.

5. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

 With his suave, Australian accent and brooding look, Chris has  made millions of hearts beat frantically. Elsa and he are almost always inseparable and their sweet, romantic moments and the fact that they are still lost in each other’s eyes is just too romantic and makes people swoon and crave for love.

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