The Unconditional Love

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The Unconditional Love

The Unconditional Love

When you started loving him or her, that person was unaware of the feelings that started flourishing in your heart rampantly. That person never promised you that he or she will also love you back. After all, it is everyone’s personal choice. Yes, there are people who do not get successful in their relationships. They might be dating earlier, but maybe things never worked out well to carry on. So moving on is a better way to restart life with the same zeal as before.

1: No Commitment: You people had been dating each other, but never made any commitments to each other to stay with each other for the rest of your life. Loving someone is someone’s happiness that you want, and not winning that person to be yours for the rest of your life. If you actually love her, you will be happy the way she wants her rest of the life to be, with or without you.

2: Being Happy in Your Happiness: Love teaches sacrifice, emotions, concern, care and attachment. It never teaches gambling, lust or winning over. There are no defeats in love. If she wants her happiness to be without you, you should be happy that she is choosing a lifestyle for herself that will never make her regret that. The person is decisive enough to take her own decisions. If I am a true lover, I will always be happy if you are happy.

3: The Unconditional Love: There have been times when people have sacrificed their love just for the sake of their partner’s happiness and why not, if you actually love each other, your partner’s happiness should be your foremost priority. Love is beautiful the way it is. Unconditional love is the purest form of love, like 24 karat gold, by which you measure Gold’s purity. No mixing is allowed.

There is a huge difference between love and unconditional love. Love happens to everyone, but that unconditional love doesn’t happen to everyone. Loving unconditionally means you love your partner without any conditions, and limitations. You like that person just the way he or he is. You are happy in his or her happiness. You may seek support sometimes, but at the end you realize that it is your benevolent heart that loves a person so much that you find nothing more important than another person’s happiness. Love unconditionally; else you are just playing with the name of Love.

We talk about Meera, who never saw Lord Krishna and still loved him unconditionally. She had imagined lord Krishna as her husband, her beloved and she wanted nothing more than that. Staying physically with each other is not that important. All that matters is your feeling and the way your heart beats listening to your beloved’s name. You love that person, but you don’t own that person. The true essence of love is distributing happiness, and not forcing her to be with you even if she does not want to be. Love unconditionally.

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