The Great Expectations of All Women

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The Great Expectations of All Women

The Great Expectations of All Women

Expectations are an essential part of any relationship. When you give so much to a person, it is natural to expect something back in return. The whole Nicholas Sparks concept of love without expecting does not apply in real life. However, there are a few expectations that are common to almost every woman who has ever been in a romantic relationship. Let us take a peak at these expectations.

1. Treat Her Like a Princess

Girls love it when their man treats them like the princess and take care of their needs. They want their partner to recognize their inner and outer beauty and treat them in a special manner. Pamper them and love them and prove to them how important they really are to their sweetheart.

2. Be a Man of Your Words

You told her you will call her in half an hour, do that. You promised to watch a boring show with her, be there. A man who keeps his words, is really very attractive. Women trust a man who can follow what he says and they love him all the more for it. A man who breaks his promises, kind of breaks his lady love’s heart on the way too.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

Women are emotional creatures. They adore it when a man finds time to spend with them, even through his busy schedule. It speaks how important his girl really is, and how serious he is about her. So do not compromise on spending quality time with your girl, if you want infinitely less fights and more love, and a forever with her.

4. Ask Her Opinion

She is your girl right? Shouldn’t her opinion be important to you? Ask her opinion on matters, especially before taking a big decision. Include them and don’t take all the decisions alone. She is your partner, your better half, why not treat her like one. It will make her feel closer to you and equal in the relationship.

5. No Lies, and No Cheating

Do not break her trust, whatever happens. For then you might just damage her whole perspective forever. Girls are emotional, but hey are emotionally stronger too. So treat her with the truth and she will be handle to it, and love and respect you a lot more in the long run. While a lie can only get you so far, and you will lose all respect in her eyes. Always be honest, and if you are with someone, then you don’t have to cheat on them or flirt with other people. You can stay single and do that. Can’t you?

Here is a glimpse of what to do and what not to do to keep your relationship healthy and strong. And yes, don’t forget, girls love those sweet “We” times a lot too. So take care of her expectations and give your best to the princess you are with. If you haven’t found your princess yet, or girls, you are still looking for your prince charming, then try one of the free online dating sites.

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