Sweet Things to Do with Him on Your Anniversary

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Sweet Things to Do with Him on Your Anniversary

Sweet Things to Do with Him on Your Anniversary

It is the little things that add up over a life time to make our existence real and special. If we fill those small moments of our day with some kind words and gestures of love for our partner, it can make a pretty happy life and our relationship will strengthen. So make your partner feel special and show him you appreciate him and love him.

1. Plan a Date he will love

You can always think of what he would really love to do. May be plan a date to a place where you first met or go hiking with a picnic can make your day unforgettable.

2. Impress him with a musical note

You can compose a poem that you would evoke emotions and feelings towards your partner. You can also videotape yourself singing a love song to your partner and post it on internet or just to your social media account but don’t forget to tag your partner.

3. Make something for each other

You with your sweetheart can make each other a personalized ceramic mug or a plate. Or if you are more creative type then make each other a small painting of your togetherness and hang it on each other’s wall.

4. Catch the special day in Camera

You and your soul mate can make a short and sweet internet video that you can watch for years, when you want to take stroll down memory lane.

5. Have a Romantic Dinner

Be homebodies at home but with an extra touch of romance like take out with tea light candles and a shared bubble bath. The usual dinner with some decadent dessert and an extra bottle of wine will surely portray your affection. Make sure to have some soothing music in the background to make your evening even more adorable.

6. Watch a movie at home on mute which the two of you give a language

This could be really funny and sweet. Just make up the fun stuff as you go along and give the actions your own dialogues. Remember the funnier will always be the better.

7. Hidden love notes

Writing small pieces of notes and placing them in the diary or in the cupboard or in the briefcase to let your partner get surprised is the ultimate fun. These hidden messages can be used as an opportunity to indicate every upcoming activity. You can also express your feeling then with these notes.

And top of all nothing is more precious than spending some quality time with the person you love most. So just make sure to celebrate this special day to the fullest and make it memorable for life long.

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