Pick up the Pace with These Pickup Lines

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Pick up the Pace with These Pickup Lines

Pick up the Pace with These Pickup Lines

Have you ever stared again and again at someone in a bar, or have been completely mesmerized by someone who just walked past you looking and making you feel like a million bucks? You might debate whether to gather the courage to ask them out, or sit there waiting for them to hopefully make a move. If you are in that situation or have found yourself in similar situations, then the best advice you can get is, that make the first move. You live only once, right! So, why not take a bit of a chance. You never know, it might just prove to be the turning point of your life. If you are confused about what to say, then here are some cheesy, yet sweet pick-up lines, assorted just for you.

Best Pick up the Pace with These Pickup Lines

Best Pick up the Pace with These Pickup Lines

1. I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours!This cheesy line is sure to make the person you are hitting o smile and you might just get the number you have been wanting. Win Win.

2. If God could make anything more beautiful, I am sure He would want to keep it just for Himself. Humans are wired to receive compliments well. So basically you are hinting that the person you are looking at is the most beautiful person in this universe. Really smooth and

3. I am not drunk, it’s you has made me tipsy. This pick up line sends a clear message, that you are totally and completely smitten by that person. No wonder they have an intoxicating power over you.

4. I thought life started with the letter ‘l’, then why is it that mine starts with ‘U’. Brownie points if you use this pickup line or just use in your relationship to make your partner go awww.

6. Are you a thief? For you have stolen my heart. Pick up lines do not get cheesier than this. No matter, the cheesier they are, the more they are bound to make the other person smile. And
we all know what it means when the person of the opposite sex smiles at you,
don’t we?

7. Kiss me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right? No baby, they don’t. You know it and so does the person on the receiving end of this buttery smooth line. Not right away, but this line may ensure a path for a kiss later on.

8. Heaven must feel so at loss without you. Awwww, right. Nailed it. Anytime, anywhere, this pick up line needs no occasion, it only needs the presence of that one person you are smitten with.

9. Please do me a favor. Lend me a kiss and I promise I will return it back to you with interest. Cheesy, nice, sweet. Thank you, you just made a little entrance in the heart of your special someone.

What are you waiting for? Use these pickup lines and land a date for yourself, or make your date feel extra special.

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