Must Read If You are Dating a Poet

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Must Read If Your are Dating a Poet

Must Read If You are Dating a Poet

Poets are a different breed altogether. They might appear to be reclusive, quiet and mystical at first, but once you get to know them, you will be mesmerized by their world. It’s beautiful, it’s alive, and it’s romantic. Ever wondered what it will be like to date a poet? To be in love with someone who can romance even sadness and pain. Everything comes with its own pros and cons and so does dating a poet.

Pros of Dating a Poet

  • They sweep you off your feet with their words.
  • No expensive gift can come close to a couplet written exclusively for you.
  • Unlike others, poets like quiet time. So you don’t have to worry about the constant ringing phone, loud music or television addiction.
  • Poets can be your show off. When in a crowd and a poet beside you; you can definitely be the centre of attention. A poet will always know what to say, how to say in the most beautiful way.
  • You can never have a dull moment with a poet. Their words will always catch your attention.
  • Poets are passionate people. They use the best of their senses, their lives. Their passion rubs onto you.
  • Poets are good with words and that makes the relationship, mis-communication free.
  • If you like to solve puzzles, poets are the people you should date. They are so deep and intense, that knowing them will be like solving a puzzle.
  • Poets are creative people. Being in their company for long, can make you creative and with creativity comes problem solving skill.
  • Poets are ultimate romantics. They romanticize even the most mundane part of their life. You can get addicted to them and once you do,there is no going back to the ordinary life.

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Cons of Dating a Poet

  • For everyone, you will be the muse of the poet’s creations. So if the poet has written something sad or negative, everyone will think it’s you.
  • Their vocabulary, their words belong to a different era. They maybe 100 years old.
  • They will in their minds keep judging you for your language and your metaphors.
  • Their conversations are way too long.
  • They can’t keep a secret. If not directly, they will write a poem about it.
  • They can’t live with someone who has no passion. For them someone who is living an ordinary life is not alive.
  • They are super emotional people. So you never know when anything you say to them can hurt them.
  • They over exaggerate everything.

So now that you know both the pros and cons, you can go ahead and decide whether you want to date a poet or not. And in case, you are single and looking for love, you can use online dating and online matchmaking sites like tinder and woo app because that’s where you are going to find most of the poets, because words are their life. Go find a poet for yourself.

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