Loving Your Best Friend

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Loving Your Best Friend

Loving Your Best Friend

Best Friends are cute. They understand you, your emotions, play with you, laugh with you and cry with you. Ultimately, they are the ones who understand you the best. Most of the people have best friends of the opposite gender. There is a high possibility that a boy will be having a girl best friend, and a girl will be having a boy best friend. But does it stay the same way? Well, it may, or may not. One day when your best friend tells you that he has a crush on that particular girl, why is it that your ultimate reaction is “Ewww, you have a pathetic choice”. It becomes difficult to understand that you have developed some feelings for him that you yourself aren’t aware of.

Love Starts With Friendship

You are still not pretty much obvious. Maybe because somewhere you feel “Come on, we are just friends” and you do not want to ruin that friendship taking those feelings in the middle of your friendship. Everyone is looking for love at one point of time. But why do you feel jealous when your best friend praises any other guy or girl. It is a cute experience when you are getting those butterflies in your stomach when he asks you out.

Take a Test

If you are really into your best friend, why not test it. Someone has truly said, “Love can be one sided, but attraction is always two sided”. And dating your best friend is not a crime. After all, it’s way better going on blind dates or online dates. And one thing for all, he will also be having the same amount of affection towards you that you have. So why not try to figure out if he also likes you by making him jealous talking about a guy who is handsome and pretending that you are actually giving a thought to him. Trust me, he will never be in favor and will make you count his flaws only, those flaws which may not actually be there in that guy.

Dress up for Him

If you dress up a little different than normal, he will surely suspect that there are some feelings attached for sure. Feelings should never be hidden. He may also speak his heart out in front of you and start to make you feel special. Dating your best friend will be the cutest thing to happen, because you know that person for a long time and know each other’s likes and dislikes. And both of you can’t see each other with any other guy or girl. Then why not start this beautiful relationship and give it a try.

Facts and real time stories tell us that most of the successful couples used to be best friends earlier and they understand each other way better, because there may be some hesitation in love, but if you treat each other as friends, you people will be having a better understanding than others may have. Such couples are cutest couples.

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