Love from Different Perspectives

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Love from Different Perspectives

Love from Different Perspectives

What is love? This question has always fascinated people. So much so, that it was the most googled phrase in 2012.

Love: On the surface, it’s a simple four letter word, but no permutation and combination of alphabets can define what it is. It can only be defined through adjectives like –blind, fickle, true, one-sided, unconditional.

Love as a verb: Love is an action. It’s not something you tell; it’s something you do. You don’t have to define it in words, it shows. Big promises, big gestures, candlelight dinners, romantic movie: is that love? Or is love present in small gestures; how you care for a person, how you know their every small likes and dislikes.

Love can also be seen as an evolutionary tool: An emotion that is evolving along with the humans. It helps human have long term relationships, have children and provide a safe and stable society for them.

It means different to different people.

Love for a layman: love means to have a companion ,  soul mate, a partner who is on the same wavelength as them, who not only agrees with them, also accepts the differences in them. Who allows them to be their own self and accepts them even if it’s totally different from what they expected.

Love for poets and writers: Poets, writers since time immemorial have tried to explain love. The ancient Greeks called love as “the madness of gods.”Shakespeare defines love as “when you are near, I hear a symphony”. Aristotle said, “Love is when 1 soul inhabits 2 bodies.”

Love for a kid: a kid only knows love through their parents or caregivers. A warm hug, a small kiss on the forehead, getting their favorite food when they aren’t well, that’s how they define love.

Love for a scientist: It is chemistry. A combination of releasing certain hormones likes testosterone and estrogen, which cause a certain reaction in the body, causing your heart and brain to react in a certain way. When you love someone for the first time, your heart flutters, your palm sweats.

Love is all of this and even more. Love sets you free; you can’t know how it will make you feel or what it will make you do. You can just surrender to that feeling and see where it takes you. This one emotion comes with grace. It doesn’t come with any conditions like “if you will be a good boy, mom will love you.” Or “I hate you because you dint call me”. The true nature of love is unconditional.

Love is a paradox: It sets you free, yet it creates a bond that even death cannot break. It exists beyond time and space.

So if you are one of those lucky ones who have found love, congratulations!! You can define this feeling in your own, unique way.

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