How to Know If You are Dating an Introvert

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How to Know If You are Dating an Introvert

How to Know If You are Dating an Introvert

Introverts have always been a subject of scrutiny. Their quiet, calm exterior has always been a mystery to many. They have this big wall around them and only lucky and reliable ones are allowed a peek inside their world. For them being around people takes a lot of their energy and so they are happy spending time alone and listening to their own thoughts. Like it’s said “quiet people have the loudest minds.”

There is always an excitement in dating an introvert. They are shy, quiet and you never know what they are thinking (like a perfect mystery novel).the only way you can know them is by winning their trust and listening to them when they decide to talk.

So all said and done, how to actually know that you are dating an introvert?

Here are a few pointers that you can use:

  • They don’t talk around new people: The common misconception around introverts is that they are shy and they don’t talk. That’s true, but only with people who are new to them. Stick around for a while and once they get to know you introverts are the most fun people you would ever come across.
  • You are the talker: In the relationship, you will be the one talking, whether it’s about telling your friends how you met or what you did for V-day.
  • There won’t be such a thing like “we” had an argument: No relationship comes without its share of fights and arguments. Arguing with an introvert is the toughest thing. Nothing you can say, will get them out of their usual composed self, and in the end you will end up losing, because their calmness will engulf you.
  • Socializing is not their scene: Just as you will start telling them about a party, you have to go to, their mind will start making an excuse for not going and even if they agree, you can be assured that all they are going to do is sit in a corner and let you do the talking.
  • They make the best of friends: Introverts are not the ones having a big group of friends. They have a few, but be assured once an introvert calls you his friend, you have a friend for life.
  • They are super intelligent: Because an introvert doesn’t spend their energy in talking and formalities, they have amazing observational skills, which make them very informed.
  • PDA phobic: If you are in a relationship with an introvert, you won’t be getting long love letters or long text messages telling you how they feel about you. They love you. Simple as that.
  • Their Honesty kills: Introverts are brutally honest. They are not the ones who will sugarcoat things and say. They can criticize you, but won’t lie to you.

So if your partners have most of these qualities; yes, you are in a relationship with an introvert. It may not be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

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