How to Know If He is a Real Man?

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How to Know If He is a Real Man?

How to Know If He is a Real Man?

Do you constantly wonder whether you will find that man that you have always wanted? Have you done a lot of dating, gone through all kinds of dating websites and online dating apps but never found that man? Do not be disheartened. This means that you know what kind of a man you exactly want. It might be hard, it might be late but it doesn’t mean that you will not find that special person.

There are two types: the boys and the men. Boys are those who send you sexual messages, treat you ill, pass vulgar comments on ladies or behave inappropriately. They do not know how to treat a lady, do not have proper goal in their lives, and do not think about their future.

There is this another kind.They will dress and speak well, they love better, and most of the time will have a great sense of humor. They will always be unafraid to speak their mind, stand their ground, fall wildly in love and will always fight for it. And no, they do not just exist in movies or books. They do exist in real life and here are some traits you can observe in a person and you can find out whether he is that gentleman or not:

  1. He is very honest and open with you about everything. He will not pretend to like the food if he is not liking it. Here, being true is more important for him than lying to himself just to impress you.
  2. He dates you and only you. He will not flirt with other women once he starts dating you. He will not checkout hot girls in the mall when you are with him.
  3. He can balance that cool attitude and sophistication at the same time. He can balance a career and a beautiful personal life together.
  4. He will not play tricks to get you. If he likes you he will tell you so with all the pride.
  5. He will have opinions on everything from drinks to everyday world events. He reads actual books and newspapers.
  6. He will appreciate and respect a woman who will have her own identification, opinion and a career.
  7. He will not be scared to apologize when he is wrong. He will have no shame in accepting his mistakes and he would expect the same form your side.
  8. When he is alone, he is secure in his own self. He know how to spend quality time with one self and he understands himself well.
  9. He will be dependable. You will come to know that you can rely on him.
  10. He will want to protect you, he will look out for you not because he thinks that you are too weak but because he is responsible and cares about you.
  11. If he likes you, then he will be ready for you and will fight with anybody for both of you to have a future.
  12. He will not ask you to change yourself. He will accept you for what you are and respect you for that.

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