How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts?

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How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts?

Suicide: it is the act of taking own life. More than 7 lakh people die due to suicide every year all over the world. Recognise that depression and helplessness can distort your perceptions and reduce the ability of decision making. Suicidal feelings are the result of treatable problems. It may not be easy, you might not feel better overnight. Eventually, the sense of hopelessness and the thoughts of suicide will lift. If you think you may hurt yourself or attempt suicide, get help right away with a doctor.

No matter what: Suicide should never be an option

Many cases of suicide come out every year. It not only includes the lower class or the middle class but also the celebrities. This shows money can give you everything but also money can’t save you from suicide. Sushant Singh Rajput, Caroline Flack, Alan Gracia, Chester Bennington and many more celebrities took their own life. Depression, hopelessness, helplessness, are the result of these activities but, suicide should never be an option. Today we will talk about several ways you can deal with suicidal thoughts. Let’s see how we can overcome it.

Tips to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

  1. Don’t spend Nights Alone
  2. Cut off all ties with Toxic People
  3. Make a List of your Accomplishments
  4. Practice Positive Thinking
  5. Find a Therapist
  6. If it’s Urgent, Call the Police
  7. Make Changes to What hurting you
  8. Don’t Lose Hope

1. Don’t spend Nights alone

  1. When you are suicidal you will be tempting to isolate yourself.
  2. You will lock yourself in a room shut the blinds and hide underneath your covers.
  3. The thing about depression, the darkness will welcome you, but it only makes us acceptable to believe your negative thoughts.
  4. Watch out for your safety and don’t spend nights alone.
  5. Call up your family, friends or lover, tell them how you feeling.
  6. If possible, sleeping over at their place will be even better, having company around can do wonders to you.
  7. It will keep your bad thoughts away or allow your new environment to boost your mood.

2. Cut off all ties with Toxic People

  1. Research shows that keeping toxic people in your life isn’t just stressful it can actually kill you
  2. The subjects in a negative relationship had a higher risk of developing cardiac problems
  3. If someone is abusing you physically or emotionally please call the police for help.
  4. Your life may drastically change if your family members or partner are the toxic ones, but realise that they are putting you in more pain than supporting you.
  5. Keep distance with these people and build your company with positive people.

3. Make a list of your accomplishments

  1. Look at yourself how far you have come.
  2. Failure can seem a blog slap on your face, but we often obsessed on perfection instead of what we have achieved.
  3. There is a difference striving for perfection doesn’t allow you to be human, embrace your lies.
  4. Failures and downfalls as much you appreciate all the milestones you have reached.
  5. Listen closely to what is working turn those into lessons and grow resilient.

4. Practice Positive Thinking

  1. Ending your life will seem like to be the only option to end your misery but nothing last forever.
  2. Practice some of the thoughts like- I will get through this, this is my depression talking, not me, I don’t really want to die I just want the pain to end.
  3. These thoughts will encourage you, make you strong to fight against depression and build up a positivity within you and kills the darkness inside you.
  4. Keep some things with you where ever you go which reminds of your family member and to be kind to yourself, you got this.

5. Find a Therapist

  1. Most people shot this idea off because the might not afford it, but there are other options especially when you are a student.
  2. An open mind will ultimately get you help, call your insurance company for nay insights they might have. 
  3. It never hurts to ask a family doctor too.
  4. The network exists for a reason and the more professional advice you will receive the faster you can find and work with professional.

6. If it’s Urgent, Call Police

  1. Calling police will not necessarily stop your suicidal thought, but the will stop you on going through with this act.
  2. They will take you to the place where you will be safe.
  3. We just hope you never have to resort to this. But this is a help to remind you that help is only one call away.

7. Make changes to What Hurting You

  1. If you feel stuck to your dead-end job, tired of the city you are living in or not sure about what you are studying in school.
  2. It is ok to address that you are feeling unhappy, but don’t come to helplessness.
  3. It may time to what works for you, but this is why practising patience is so pivotal.
  4. Take projects seems intimidating, but break them up into smaller tasks to make them more approachable.
  5. Remember if you wait for your miracle, don’t stop working on yourself in the meantime.

8. Don’t Lose Hope

  1. Everybody says whatever you do but don’t lose hope, yes it is an easier said than done.
  2. Committing suicide will end everything and some amazing days ahead that you are alive for.
  3. People usually realise late or in the middle of the act that every problem they have faced could have been fixed.
  4. Please reconsider yourself you deserve so much more.
  5. Each new breath is an opportunity to try again, don’t hide from life.


We now conclude this by promising ourself if ever we are having any suicidal thought, we won’t do anything until we seek help. Many people have experienced suicidal thoughts but yet they survived. This is because they took the right decision at the right time. We all have depressions in our life some have a low level and some have high, some are depressed of their job, some of their love life but, if there is any problem then definitely there will be a solution, but suicide is never an option. What you do to keep going or inspire yourself, feel free to share your experience or suggestions regarding suicidal thoughts. Your comments are valuable. Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your life.

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