How do You Start a Romantic Relationship

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The Unseen Love

How do You Start a Romantic Relationship

Love is a feeling, an emotion. It is an inclination of a person towards the other. The inclination may be due to physical attraction, or maybe due to the nature. Some people go for “Love at first sight” while the others have been friends a long time and start dating. But eventually love happens by chance, and definitely not by choice. Some love stories start by just a social networking site.

Meeting just as friends of friends: Some of the people become friends as they were friends of friends. You get to see each other’s picture just because you have mutual friends and eventually you have so many common friends that one day you decide to send her that friend request.

Start a Casual Conversation: If you are actually feeling an inclination towards the other person, what’s the harm in starting a conversation? Feelings are beautiful when it brings a hell lot of thoughts along. It sets off those butterfly feelings in you and the time you get to see her pictures, you don’t realize that somewhere you blush. That love is so cute that you just don’t want to date her, but you want to change her surname.

Ask Her Out: You can deduce from the conversation itself if she has someone else in her life or not. If you are getting the hints that no, it’s no one else, you can definitely give it a try that will neither hurt her. You can plan a meeting because no matter you have never seen her, but you are so much in love with her that you have seen a lot of dreams where you and she are together. Always ask to meet her in a public place so that she does not misunderstand you as well as your feelings.

Confess Your Love: If you have actually started feeling that she is the type of woman you want to spend your rest of the life with, you should go on and propose her. After all, where there is a will, there’s a way. You can start dating her and officially announce that yes, she is the one for you. When you introduce a girl to your circle, she starts thinking about a committed relationship that may last forever.

Relationships start and end up sometimes, because most of the couples do not realize what they need from each other and find them unsuccessful giving each other the commitment they seek. There is nothing more beautiful than trust because if you have it, you need no explanations and you have that bond of understanding. No trust means no relationship. People staying together break each other’s trust while some couples even in long distance who meet once in a year never break each other’s trust. This is you who has to choose what you want for yourself. The unseen love is also successful if you have that zeal to make the other person yours forever. Love is cute if trust is involved in it.

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