Everlasting Love

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Everlasting Love

Love has no meaning and if it has, it cannot be depicted by words. Love is an immense feeling of attraction that you can do almost anything for the sake of the happiness of the other person. Your only happiness is another person’s happiness. The everlasting love is what we call today “true love”. Love happens by chance and definitely not by choice. No matter you are together or not, you still can feel each other, understand each other’s sorrows without any conversation, that’s true love. It has an essence that you will feel forever. It is a scent that has spread its fragrance forever and hence it is called “The Everlasting Love”

Staying Together is not mandatory: All of us want our love to be with us. But whatever is destined will happen. If destiny has parted you ways, you still don’t feel parted. You can still feel the pleasure and moments spent together and you still cherish them. All that matters to you is his or her happiness.

Keeping Record of the Smallest Things: Love happens if care and concern is there. If you remember even the smallest things of your partner, your partner will also feel special and will love you back with the same care and concern. Keeping such record make your relationship bond stronger because life is not just to live, but to feel and enjoy. You get touched by the emotions of love your partner has showered on you. You have started loving each other that now it is an everlasting love.

The Brilliance of Love: You get relaxed of all of your worries when you are with your partner. You have problems, but your partner becomes the solution. You are the singer and your partner is its lyrics. You both complement each other. You both might be dating for a long time, but the bond depicts that you will stay together the rest of your life. You both may not be perfect in your own, but you love the imperfection of each other and do not complain. You are glorified and happy to have that person in your life who makes it easy to live when you hold that person’s hand. You both love each other when you are together, and when not, you cherish the moments spent.

Life becomes easy, for that person has entered your life and you realize that there is a lot more to do in this world. You spread so much love that couples get inspired by you. Your happiness is interrelated to your partner’s and that’s what we call “the everlasting love”. There are less people who understand each other well and if you get one, you should just hold that person for a lifetime. You feel excited about your life with that one person who has blown your world upside down. You are lucky to have such a person. Make that person stay forever in your life and you will always be happy and cherished. Get drenched in the pool of love.

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