Coronavirus: How to look after your Mental Health during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020?

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Coronavirus and Mental Health

Coronavirus: How to look after your Mental Health during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020?

For the past few months, most of the people are forced to stay indoors because of the spread of a serious virus called coronavirus. As a result, their mental health is deteriorating. With all the outside trips and social contact almost lost, people are finding it difficult to remain indoors and self-quarantine themselves. Eventually, they are developing serious mental health issues during coronavirus. 

As the hazardous coronavirus continues to impact the world at a much faster pace, it became critical for us to not only pay heed to our physical health but also to our mental health. Almost millions of people in the USA and around the world are said to have been suffering from mental health disease. As per a licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Kelly Vincent, “ the situation we are facing at present in 2020 because of coronavirus can have very adverse effects on our mind.” According to her, “when fear overpowers us, both our nervous system and emotional part of the brain overdrives and that can further cause anxiety and mental health issues.”

Moreover, if a person is already suffering from anxiety or mental disorders, then the lockdown conditions can even worsen or intensify the mental health related issues. Witnessing such adverse effects of coronavirus on people’s mental health, many of the organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO)  provided awareness about mental health to improve the mental condition of the global audience. 

Hence, if you are also one of those who is concerned about mental  health, or are probably facing some mental health related problems, then we are here to solve all your issues. Here’s our eight best activities that will help you improve your mental health while social distancing. Let’s get started!

8 Best Activities to Improve Mental Health While Social Distancing 2020

1. Have a Routine
2. Cut Back Misleading Channels
3. Stay Connected with your Family and Friends
4. Meditate and Breathe Properly
5. Keep Calm and Be Yourself
6. Avoid Alcohol and Drug Usage
7. Exercise a Lot
8. Keep Calm and Be Yourself

1. Have a Routine

Have a Routine

The first and the foremost aspect that you should consider to improve your mental health during coronavirus is to create a routine. It is no surprise that having a routine is beneficial in keeping ourselves busy and manageable. Almost everybody ranging from kids to elders have some or the other routines in the normal day situations. 

However, when those children or even the working people are told to stay back and work from home, as during the coronavirus outbreak, they eventually forget to follow their daily routines. That’s where they get wrong. Having routines while you are working from home can have a lot of positive effects on your lifestyle and your mental health. 

What can be done?

  1. Have a routine to effectively enhance your decision-making power. 
  2. Help your kids to enhance their skills with online learning.
  3. You can also add some skills to your niche be it cooking, dancing, instrument playing, or anything else.
  4. Eliminating the fatigueness, and exhaustion that comes from a lousy behaviour also improves your mental health during coronavirus. 

In short, make a schedule and try to get everyone on board with you. Also, breaking the routine sometimes doesn’t actually make things worse!       

2. Cut Back Misleading Channels

Misleading Channels

We live in a digital age and things are just a click away from us. Be it a social news with credible sources, or a fake news or words of rumours, everything is accessible in today’s tech-driven world. Maybe that’s the reason behind the mental illness of most of the people today. During normal days, people used to spend much less time on social media, but with the growth in the number of coronavirus patients, almost all of us are forced to stay indoors.

What that does is, now people spend much more time on social media and as a result, they get more prone to the fake news and violent content that can critically impact their mental health. So, to prevent such conditions, awareness about mental health is much needed.

What can be done?

  1. Cut back over fake news and rumours to significantly improve your mental health while social distancing. 
  2. Reduce your time over social media, and if you are connected to any of those, then only access credible and verified content that creates awareness about mental health.  
  3. Connect with your family and friends through online sources or phone calls.
  4. Watch your favourite movies online instead of getting those fake and stressed news and articles.

That way, you will not only reduce your anxiety levels, and mental h

3. Stay Connected with your Family and Friends

Stay Connected

As discussed in the point mentioned above, connecting with friends and family is the best source for improving your mental health during coronavirus. Now, it was generally observed that many people had a shortage of time to meet their family and friends.

However, the scene is completely different today. At present, we are living in such a scenario where people are strictly forced to remain in their houses. All the offices and other public places are shut down giving the person no other option but to stay indoors. 

What can be done?

  1. Try to connect with those friends whom you have not met for a long time. 
  2. You can even video conference all of your friends group together and can have lots of talks over past times. 
  3. You can also try our tips to convert your room into a luxurious hotel suite. Try renovating your workplace too!

As per a study, it was found that both family and friends are linked to better health and overall happiness of the person. Hence, you should spend time talking to your parents, your cousins, your old colleagues, and so on.

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4. Meditate and Breathe Properly

Meditate and Breathe Properly

Meditation is the ultimate source of an effective mental health. People have been practicing meditation for the past many years now, and meditation is still a hot trend among the people. Meditation is said to decrease the problems arising due to stress and anxiety and even sharpens some areas of the brain.

Many activities like Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn UMass, have shown results in eliminating the problems due to adverse mental conditions.  

What can be done?

  1. Practice meditation as much as you can. Whether it be an education course, or a meditation course, all of them are available online for free or some for a minimal price. 
  2. leverage online courses to experience the magic of meditation and deep breathing in reducing your mental health problems. 
  3. Even if you do  not exercise properly, mediation can help you heal your mind and body, and improves your mental health while social distancing. 

The studies predicted that an estimated time of eight-weeks is sufficient to experience the tremendous results of meditation in improving the mental health during coronavirus. So, do give it a try!

5. Don’t Discriminate

Don’t Discriminate

The time is tough for every human being today, as almost all the countries of the world are suffering from deadly coronavirus disease. In such a condition, it becomes critical for us to not discriminate against people on the basis of caste, colore, creed, economical status, sexuality, and so on. Instead, try to help as many people as possible. Pay great attention to homeless people, poor, children and elderly. Also, if you are an organization, try to boost the morale of your employees in the most effective way.

What can be done?

  1. Offer food to the needy people as much as possible.
  2. Try to encourage everyone and boost the morals of your friends and family.
  3. Pay great attention to the elderly, and children of your family or someone you know, or even homeless people.
  4. Coronavirus has affected many countries of the world. Don’t blame a particular country. 

Remember, fear is a natural expression during tough times, especially during a coronavirus outbreak. But, sometimes, it could be expressed in a way that can harm other people’s mental health.

6. Avoid Alcohol and Drug Usage

 Avoid Alcohol and Drug Usage

I think you might have heard about that particular tip many times now, however, that does not make it any less than others. Constant drinking, or recessive drug dose could weaken our body and immune system. It can have the worst effects on our physical as well as our mental health. 

And it is no surprise, that a little fall in our immune system can make us more prone to harmful coronavirus disease. Furthermore, drinking, or consuming drugs also makes our minds much more adverse in dealing with real-life conditions with dignity and effectiveness. 

What can be done?

  1. Try to eliminate any consumption of drugs or drinks that can lead to poor health conditions.
  2. Maintain a proper routine and include at least some activities that can help you relax your mind to attain an excellent mental health condition. 
  3. Don’t step out or don’t come in contact with an outsider be it an alcohol supplier, or a drug dealer. 

Remember that a small mistake from your end could lead you to a miserable condition. Drinking alcohol and consuming drugs may prevent you from practicing social distancing, that can in turn increase your chances of coronavirus infection.   

7. Exercise a Lot

Exercise a Lot

Many times, you might have heard people saying that exercise is very essential for maintaining good body health. Although people often mix body health with physical health, in reality body health is a combination of physical and mental health. For instance, if you do not sleep properly, or eat properly, or even do not take proper brakes, then it not only impacts your physical health, but also your mental health. Hence, one should always seek proper exercises for maintaining their over body health with excellent mental health too! However, during the coronavirus outbreak, gyms, and parks have been closed that people often used for exercising. 

What could be done?

  1. Take proper rest and breaks while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.
  2.  Sleep on time, and wake up early to enjoy fresh sunrise and take out some time for morning walk, or exercises. 
  3. Give your mind a little relaxation by either meditating, or listening to some soft music.
  4. Eat healthy. Foods rich in nutrients can be super amazing for a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Taking proper care of your mental health is very much essential in today’s time when coronavirus is at its peak. Drinking sufficient amount of water, eating healthy, and exercising regularly can surely help you maintain a proper body health.

8. Keep Calm and Be Yourself

Keep Calm

Last but not least is to keep calm and be yourself. That’s the most vital and critical advice or tip that you must follow for an improved mental health during coronavirus. Now, there might be certain instances where you will feel that things are not going as per the planning.

In such circumstances, don’t panic. Understand that those routines or activities are only meant to improve your mental health. There may be times when you have other activities like cooking, spending time with your family, or dancing with your children for fun and happiness. In all those conditions, you might not be able to spend much of your time on your planned routine.

What could be done?

  1. Understand that the main aspect is to have a joyful mind and do all those activities that makes you happy.
  2. Take out some time for your favourite hobby, be it any sport, cooking, singing, or even book reading. 
  3. Get in touch with nature, but remember not to step out of your house. You can walk in your garden or terrace though if you want to connect with nature. 

In short, whatever things makes you happy, or relieves your stress, are perfect for your mental health. So, try to relax yourself and be you whatever the condition may be. That will surely add to your better mental health while social distancing

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that the present-day scenario is much different from what our lives used to be a few months back. Things have drastically changed due to the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and with that the human life has also been impacted. However, remaining tensed and stressed over those issues and circumstances doesn’t make any sense. Instead, now is the time when you can think of expanding your skills, and giving more time to your health and to your near ones. So, leverage our top tips for improving your mental health and if you have anything else to add, then feel free to tell us by connecting over Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Till then, have a joyful and healthy lifestyle!  

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