Are You in a Balanced, Equal Relationship?

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Are You in a Balanced, Equal Relationship

Are You in a Balanced, Equal Relationship?

People now are evolving and so are their relationships. They are getting more and more dissatisfied with a normal, traditional relationship. This dissatisfaction is leading to an increase in online matchmaking sites or casual dating processes like speed dating. They want to meet more and more of their “potential mates”. What they are actually looking for an equal, balanced relationship. You can try to meet friends.

So What is an Equal Relationship?

It is measured by your ability to influence your partner and get him/her to respond to something that really matters to you. It’s not about any specific gender. In any ideal relationship you should have an equal share of chores, responsibilities, money, and decision making power. Relations grow only when both the persons are willing to put in efforts. It is difficult because we are conditioned in a way and that leads to power struggles.

Here are a Few Tips that Will Help You Have an Equal, Balanced Relationship:

1. Value Yourself

This is the first and basic step for getting an equilibrium back in a relationship. When we truly and actually value our own needs, then only we can value someone’s else’s. If we don’t do that we will always feel cheated and compromised. Both the partners have to know their strengths and weaknesses to create balance in themselves and then the relationship.

2. Listen

In an argument, we are not listening to the other to understand the actual problem, but to respond with our own set of anguish and name calling. If we listen to the other with patience it shows care and respect, which is important to have a healthy, equal relationship.

3. Respect:

So many times we have seen people talking bad or criticizing their partners behind their back. Instead of making them look bad in front of others, respect your relationship enough to tell them the problem directly. With respect comes equality.

4. Talk

Half of the problems of a relationship would be solved if we talk to each other, instead of talking about each other. Communication is very important for a relationship to grow. The habit of sweeping every problem under a rug and pretending it doesn’t exist is what kills a relationship. Talk your heart out, address every problem that bothers you, and then only you and your partner can work towards creating a balanced relationship.

5. Forgive

Forgiveness is an important part of balanced relationships. Both the partners have to put aside their ego and apologize. If only one of them is doing that, means you need on the relationship.

6. Responsible Parenting

If you are in that stage of the relationship where you have kids, then this is very important. Usually a mother is considered a primary caregiver to a baby and that leaves the father feeling incompetent. This creates an imbalance. Encourage the father and the kid to spend more time together, take a back seat, and let their bond grow. Both the parents should be a positive role model for the kid.

Having a balanced, equal relationship is not tough. What is required are two people who really love each other and are willing to work on the relationship.

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