9 Tips to have a Perfect First Date

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9 Tips to have a Perfect First Date

A perfect first date is an important and a necessary part of any relationship to begin, but everyone has a different idea of a first date and that’s what makes it difficult. A first date can tell a lot about a person, so whether it’s with a person you know for a long time, or someone you met through online dating sites like tinder. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT PERFECT.

Not adding any more pressure on you, here are a few tips that you can use to have that “perfect” first date:

  1. Keep it interesting: First dates are about conversations; that’s how you are going to tell about yourself or know about the other person. So find a topic that is fun and interesting, but at the same time will help you both in getting to know each other.
  2. Eye contact: it is said that “eyes are a window to your soul “and how true that line is. Maintain an eye contact with your date will show your interest in the person and in what he/she is saying. But be careful, extended eye contact can also be taken as a sign of dominance. So the key is to maintain a balance. Interested but not dominating.
  3. Copy their mannerisms: we only copy, what we like. So copying someone’s mannerisms will show your interest. Returning a smile, having a sip of your drink when they do. But if you go overboard with it, you will come across as a creep.
  4. Body language: What is not said verbally is said through your body language. So be relaxed, comfortable and use small gestures to keep the other person also relaxed and interested.
  5. Choose a proper place: Ambience plays an important role in the date. Don’t choose a place with too loud a music, where it becomes tough to just have a simple conversation. Choose a place with a fun, relaxed vibe.
  6. Gift: Choosing a gift for the first date can be tough. Don’t buy anything too expensive or you may regret it later. Stick to flowers, they always work.
  7. Be direct: A lot is already going on in the first date, so don’t make it more confusing. If you want a second date, ask for it. If you want her number, ask for it. Don’t beat around the bush.
  8. Offer to drop her home, but don’t push it if she says no; respect her decision.
  9. Follow the general rules like, wear something nice; your shoes should be clean; and don’t drink too much.

Above all, just be you and don’t forget to have fun. If all goes well, a perfect first date soon becomes a second, then a third, and soon it can develop into a healthy relationship.

And if it doesn’t go well, don’t lose heart. Learn from your mistakes and keep looking for love. You may never know how and when you may find your perfect match.

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