6 Reasons Why Girls Scream on Their Boyfriends

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6 Reasons Why Girls Scream on Their Boyfriends

You neither can live with them nor can without, this dynamics of love is totally ironical, Am I right ladies? When two get along in this love bond problems and complaints are very much obvious then. So don’t worry ladies you are not alone here to register such complaints against your dramatic boyfriend, Here we have many more just like you in this dating world. Just go through these 7 very general points that are observed by dating matchmaking services, about which girls often have issues.

1. Jealousy-the Root Factor

No matter how much independent you are, there are definitely certain relationships of your boyfriend, you feel jealous about and it’s very normal too. Trust me a pinch of jealousy is needed for a healthy relationship. So just speak out your possessiveness as it is just for the reassurance of your love.

2. Fights about Spending Time Together

When you are in love, time becomes confusing. Sometimes it feels too much and sometimes it is not enough. I don’t think there are many couples who perfectly know how to spend time together that will satisfy both the sides of their relationship.

3. Fights about Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a major issue between the two. There are times when you feel irritated with his messy bed, untidy clothes and yes his over the volume music. But your irritation doesn’t count as you guys are in a relationship and of course you are not twins so differences of lifestyle are pretty much obvious.

4. The Girlfriend Fight

Well, this is a serious issue when your spouse has a friend and that too a girl. A possessive girlfriend cannot tolerate his boy with any other girl and when you got to know that somewhere in the past they used to date, this is just like fuel to the fire. Hence a good fight is essential in such case but trust me these are totally normal.

Love over Social Media never wins. Your Facebook status, Insta Posts, Tweets on twitter and on top of all last seen of Whatsapp is enough to spark. I have seen many couples arguing over these stupid things, so just try not to take all these social media platforms too much serious.

5. Family Related Issues

Undoubtedly, his family has different cultures than yours. You can’t expect to have the same family as you dreamed of. So conflictions and arguments go without saying and it happens to everyone because getting comfortable with someone’s family has never been easy. So it’s good to have occasional fights with your boyfriend about it.

6. Fights over an EX

This is the most common topic on which most of the couples fight. Everyone has a past and guess what it repeatedly surfaces itself when you are with someone else to strike a sour note in your serious relationship. It is intolerable to accept that the person you love is thinking about someone else. Naturally a valid reason over girls usually fight.

Whether you are dating someone or looking for love keep these general points in your heart and just ignore some minor issues for a long lasting happy relationship.

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