5 Types of Relationship and Their Possible Outcomes

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5 Types of Relationship and Their Possible Outcomes

5 Types of Relationship and Their Possible Outcomes

First let us ask ourselves, what does each of us mean by a relationship? Lots of answers right, did some of you also picked answers like burden, waste of time, emotional weakening etc.? Well no, relationships are never a burden, we burden them with expectations. My favorite quote regarding relationships goes:

Good relationships don’t just happen, they take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.”

Again, it is important that you understand that though the heading states something about possible outcomes, it is essentially impossible to predict anything of this sort.

Your relationship is your own personal story and would follow its own course. On a positive note let us get to the types of relationships I have come across:

1. Star Crossed Lovers

How about I explain it with a list of things that definitely find place in such a couple’s list? You and I both have seen such couples, read the list and see how many similarities you find. They:

  1. Wake up together.
  2. Get coffee together.
  3. Go for lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of romantic getaways.
  4. Watch every new movie together.
  5. Take dumb pictures together.
  6. Go on long walks or drives together.
  7. Well, as long as the fun continues it is definitely happily ever after.

2. Compatible Duo

Not often do we find them but when we do, we just can’t stop admiring that perfect harmony they share. Compatible couples understand the need for a personal space and believe in compromise and adjustments instead of arguments. Companionship is not just about fun for such couples but also a motivation for self-improvement. Relationships like these are not based upon the amount of time but the quality of time couples spend with each other.

In brief, such couples generally make the most peacefully married pairs.

3. The Best Friends

Sweet!!! Is it not wonderful to have your best friend who knows your good, bad, funny and ugly side all at the same time as your life partner? What do you think? Well, honestly I don’t have a lot of idea but for one thing, friendship is a beautiful form of attachment and that is why I believe that a relationship which starts from friendship holds very well. Since comfort level is high and insecurities low, best friends who get married have a very emotionally satisfying life.

4. Filmy Duo

My favorite couples have always been the filmy ones. Excuse my inclination towards films in this case, got to admit right, teenage was a lot about romantic movies. This couple would have those heart wrenching fights, painful days of separation but equally gratifying reunions and heartwarming sorting-out sessions. Sometimes they seem out of their minds and on other occasions they seem to be the most sure about themselves. Trust me, this duo has the power to make you envious.

5. The Hopeless Lot

Why do I call it hopeless? I have this feeling that love cannot be a reason to hurt oneself. It can be a reason to be happy, an excuse, an escape but not something that makes you use a blade, spoil your career or hurt yourself. I don’t need to tell you how such couples are but I hope most of you do not approve of it. Go for the above mentioned four and if you are in a relationship that is in this category, try a matrimonial app.

Relationships are not easy, require a lot of effort but trust me, it is worth it. With the right person, a relationship can as well turn into a valuable bond that you would like to keep for a lifetime.

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